Riding Rhythms

A quick word on riding bikes and heart issues, notably AF and SVT, something I have some experience of. Maybe it could help you understand and compare if you get similar symptoms. Born in ’69 and riding bikes since 5, I’ve never stopped riding bikes. And unlike the skinny stereotype cyclist, I have probably carried […]

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Wax on, wax off

This is a quick summary of my experiments with chain waxing. Would Mr Miyagi be happy? I am probably late to this game. I have commuted for years over mixed on/off-road and gritty and wet conditions, and have worn chains down to 1% wear in a matter of months. My faithful old Surly: I became […]

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Realising a dream I was retelling the story recently; In 1983, at the age of 14, I spent many weekends drooling over the Carlton bikes in the LBS. My best friend had then been given a Carlton Criterium, a step above anything I’d owned. It was metallic green, swift and very cool. The bikes I […]

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