Realising a dream

I was retelling the story recently; In 1983, at the age of 14, I spent many weekends drooling over the Carlton bikes in the LBS.

My best friend had then been given a Carlton Criterium, a step above anything I’d owned. It was metallic green, swift and very cool.

The bikes I had lusted after were the Carlton Pro-Am or the Super Course. Both off white, with aluminium components from the likes of Suntour and Weinmann. The Super Course was always a target if I could afford one, with full 531 double butted frame and forks. I can still remember it standing up high on the pedestal in the LBS window. Wow – Phew.

In those days, I could make £8/week paper round if I was lucky plus Christmas tips. So after some saving, my Dad and I went to a North London bike shop to buy a shop soiled Super Course.  Another story…

Stirring the memory pot

Fast forward 35 years, into more recent times. A chance encounter allowed me to save a bike from the bin men near where I live. Nice – a project!

I didn’t have much time to check the details, but beyond the flat tyres and rust, it looked passable. It wasn’t the same as the Carlton above, but stirred my memory when I clocked identical brakes (Weinmann 605s) and drilled chainrings.

The bike is an original 1983 Peugeot.

The next entry here will describe more about the bike, and why I decided to invest time and money on it.

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